Hague 7380 Water Softener

The Water Treatment System for larger households or commercial use. The 7380 water softener is the larger version of the Hague 7180 water softener, but suits even larger households or businesses. This is the best and top quality product on the market in it's range by far, in our opinion. Excellent value for money.

The Hague 7380 water softener is available in two models:

7380 - 5B: with a 5 button proportional salting controller


7380 - ST: with aTouch Screen controller.

The Hague 7380 Water Softener features:

1. Blending Bypass Valve to maximise the water flow.

2. The System Controller which operates in three languages, and will retain the work cycle settings indefinitely, even through power failures. 

3. Self Cleaning Filter which filters dirt and sediment down to 20 microns. No maintenance is required.

4. To help prevent the possibility of any overflows, the safety shutt off system is there.

5. Fine mesh resin.

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