Why Hague?

Why Choose Hague for your water treatment needs?

Hague water treatment  systems are top quality water systems built with perfection in mind. Hague is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the water treatment industry, extending its tradition of excellence back more than 55 years, to 1960 when Bill Hague established his business in the United States.

Since then, Hague water systems have stayed in the forefront of the water treatment industry with leading technology and unrivalled efficiency, offering the latest innovations in the world of water treatment.

Absolutely all Hague water treatment systems are manufactured in the USA and undergo a 100% full testing before being shipped.

At Hague Water UK, we offer various models of Hague water softeners, water filters and whole house water systems.  Hague water softeners and filtration systems feature unique Hague patented design tanks, Hague patented control valves, power failure protection, safety shut-off, absolute brining feature and other latest technology features in water treatment. 

Hague water softeners are easy to set up and maintain, vey economical and efficient. All Hague systems come with 10 – 25 year Limited Warranty.

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