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  • Soft Water’s Underrated Benefit to the Kidney

    Soft Water’s Underrated Benefit to the Kidney

    Whenever soft water is mentioned, its numerous health benefits don't lag far behind in the conversation. However, the focus is mostly kept on the cosmetic nature of these benefits, including improvements to the skin and to the hair. As great as these benefits are,...

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  • Water Treatment: Building A Better, Cleaner Future On A Liquid Past

    Water Treatment: Building A Better, Cleaner Future On A Liquid Past

    Water treatment is a necessary part of our everyday lives. Whether it is for drinking or bathing, water treatment methods have helped us become a more healthy and sanitary society. The problem was that many water systems across the United Kingdom were not up...

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  • Environmental Protection Agency Considers Ban on ‘Forever Chemicals’

    Environmental Protection Agency Considers Ban on ‘Forever Chemicals’

    There is a storm brewing in the world of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) regulation. As more hydrophobic and rustproofing chemicals enter the market every day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency struggles to regulate them all properly. These fluorinated compounds are now said to...

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  • 8 Immediate Effects of Water Softeners

    8 Immediate Effects of Water Softeners

    What difference a water softener can make to your household. Rain falling from the sky comes down naturally as soft water. It's only when that clean, pure rain filters through the ground that it picks up minerals like calcium, magnesium, lime, and even chalk...

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  • What is hard water?

    You have probably heard of the term hard water with reference to the type of water supply a property has. Many consider it problematic, but it is not always clear what hard water is and what should be done about it. So, what exactly is...

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  • Six Reasons to Install a Water Softener

    Did you ever stop to think that your life could be a little easier with a few home improvement changes? Sure, things break and need to be replaced, but don't forget about those that just run in the background. Your home's water system...

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  • Five Ways Your Water Softener Can Save You Time and Money

    Everyone knows a leaky faucet can cost you extra money, but what about plain and simple hard water? Hard water causes a number of issues, from limescale residue to lack of lather and even more wear and tear on your appliances. Soft water, on the...

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  • The Fastest Way to Find Out if You Have Hard Water

    Hard water is water that contains minerals from the soil and rock that have mixed in the water. Although hard water and soft water look the same, hard water can damage your appliances, pipes, skin, and health. So to avoid costly repairs and health risks,...

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  • Why Bother Getting a Water Softener?

    If you don't have a water softener, you might be wondering if it's worth it to get one. Some of the most common questions, when considering investing into a water softener, are whether or not it's worth the money, if...

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  • Hard Water Problems - What You Need to Know

    Hard water can take a toll on your pipes, shorten the life of your appliances and make doing the laundry even more of a chore. Unfortunately, hard water is a major problem in many parts of the country, and millions of homeowners are struggling to...

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