Five Ways Your Water Softener Can Save You Time and Money

Everyone knows a leaky faucet can cost you extra money, but what about plain and simple hard water? Hard water causes a number of issues, from limescale residue to lack of lather and even more wear and tear on your appliances. Soft water, on the other hand, can make life easier in a lot of ways. Here are five ways a water softener can save you money and time.

1. Use less cleaning supplies and cleansers. Anyone with hard water knows from experience that lather and suds just aren't meant to be. Switching to a water softener delivers lather beyond your wildest dreams. Make the change and you will never look back.

2. Keep your appliances longer. Hard water leaves behind a buildup of calcifications most typically made up of limescale. When this scale builds up inside of the machine, it can take a toll on the longevity of your appliances. Soft water remains much gentler on appliances, improving the odds that they'll last a much longer time.

3. Reduce your electric bill. When hard water makes certain appliances work harder, your energy bills update to show that. Run your home more efficiently with soft water instead.

4. Shorten your chore time. Forget about touching up those water splatter marks or scrubbing away soap scum. With a water softener, those annoying issues are just memories of the past. Softened water is crystal clear and leaves your chrome and mirrors truly sparkling.

5. Lower your water usage. You can now get just the right amount of shampoo or cleaning solution suds without wasting gallons of water trying. Enjoy lather on the first try in your shower, filling up the bath with suds for the kids, or just about anywhere you need a few scrubbing bubbles.

Installing a water softener typically takes just a couple of hours. The results are long-lasting, though. Once you've changed your home over to soft water, you will notice great improvements right away. Softened water will benefit your family all throughout the day, from bath time to chore time. Make a decision to improve your home's water quality with a simple solution that pays for itself.