Residential Water Treatment: The Hague Difference

Hague Quality Water is a beacon of innovation and technological advancement in the residential water industry. Established in 1960, Hague Quality Water has carved its niche as one of the oldest major water treatment manufacturers worldwide, embodying a legacy of excellence and pioneering spirit. What are the unique attributes that set Hague apart? How are they an innovation-driven leader in the water industry?

With just a blank piece of paper and a vision, Bill Hague launched an entrepreneurial endeavor in 1960 that would eventually become Hague Quality Water. This vision gradually materialized into a globally recognized company, lauded for its significant contributions to the water treatment industry. Today, Hague is celebrated for its numerous awards and accolades, particularly its trailblazing technological patents and product designs: Hague Water Softeners

Central to Hague's ethos is its commitment to innovation and technology. The company's manufacturing process for water softeners is a testament to this commitment. Utilizing ecologically efficient, state-of-the-art technology, including injection molding, laser welding, and advanced robotics, Hague ensures the highest quality in its products. The flagship product, WaterMax®, is a shining example, holding nine U.S. patents with more pending. This innovation is a mark of excellence and a demonstration of Hague's dedication to advancing the water treatment industry.

Tracing its roots back to a small office in Columbus, Ohio, Hague Quality Water has evolved from its humble beginnings under the visionary guidance of William R. Hague. Initially a direct factory distributor for vacuum cleaners, Bill Hague pivoted to the water business, sensing a unique opportunity. By the early 1970s, his company began manufacturing superior and reliable water treatment equipment, eventually expanding to become a regional, then national supplier.

Inspired by vision and creativity in the 1980s, Bill Hague brought together an engineering team to create an eco-friendly and effective water treatment system. The result was the WaterMax®, a revolutionary system configured to treat various water types while saving salt and water. Now an internationally recognized industry leader, this system has earned the Water Quality Association (WQA) accreditation.

Hague Quality Water's journey from a visionary idea to a technological leader in residential water treatment is a narrative of relentless innovation, quality, and commitment. With its legacy of numerous patents and an environmentally conscious approach, Hague Quality Water purifies water and enriches lives, making an unforgettable mark in the water treatment industry.