Soft Water’s Underrated Benefit to the Kidney

Whenever soft water is mentioned, its numerous health benefits don't lag far behind in the conversation. However, the focus is mostly kept on the cosmetic nature of these benefits, including improvements to the skin and to the hair. As great as these benefits are, soft water still has another awesome health benefit which is usually kept out of the conversation. Soft water keeps the kidneys healthy.

The Kidney's Relationship with Water

The kidney is one of the most important organs in the body. Combined with the liver, it drains the body of toxins and helps in the metabolism of foreign substances. On average, the kidney filters about 180L of water a day. It removes various elements which could be detrimental to the body, preventing the development of kidney stones and other complications.

The Dangers of Hard Water on the Kidney

Hard water is known for having high concentrations of certain elements like calcium and magnesium. These elements may be transformed by chemical processes into carbonate and sulfate salts of themselves. And so, when hard water is taken in, it stresses the kidneys, as they have to work extra hard to remove these elements. This reduced functionality, given the kidney's general functions, places the body at serious risk of disease.

The Benefits of Soft Water on the Kidney

Soft water, on the other hand, already has these troublesome elements and their salts removed. As such, it flows through the kidneys without causing much trouble. People who drink soft water are at reduced risk of forming kidney stones. This keeps the kidneys healthy, which improves general wellbeing.

From all this, it is quite clear how much better soft water is for the kidneys than hard water. Although this benefit of soft water is underrated, it is one of its most important advantages.

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