Water Treatment: Building A Better, Cleaner Future On A Liquid Past

Water treatment is a necessary part of our everyday lives. Whether it is for drinking or bathing, water treatment methods have helped us become a more healthy and sanitary society. The problem was that many water systems across the United Kingdom were not up to par. As we improve the maintenance and use them to their best capabilities, they can do more to help protect us and provide better quality water for everyday use.

For the last 75 years, reverse osmosis, granulated media filtration, chemical disinfection, and chlorine were the only treatment methods used in most municipal water treatment plants. However, in recent years the water treatment industry has changed dramatically, with many water systems now using multi-stage selective filtration. These multi-stage selective filters can remove the threat of microscopic cysts, bacteria, and other harmful microbes that are found in tap water. They also provide the added benefit of extracting some of the other chemicals that can be found in water, such as organic compounds or heavy metals. This is a huge step forward in water treatment technology, as it means that water treatment is now a much more complete process.

Unfortunately, with all the technology in water treatment these days, there are still going to be problems with some water treatment facilities. For example, although it is a relatively new technology, solids adsorption is still a problem. Solids will not slide through the porous surfaces of water treatment filters, but instead will sit on the surface until washed away. If the solids do not get washed away, they can eventually clog the filters and cause an overflow of toxic gases at your water intake point.  So it is important that you keep this in mind when looking into getting a water treatment system installed at your home.

Ultimately, water treatment is a critical part of our everyday lives.  For a society to thrive, it is important that the water treatment facilities meet the best possible standards.  Nowadays, we are fortunate to benefit from the technological advancements in water treatment including the development of multi-stage selective filters.  Although there are still obstacles to overcome in obtaining the ideal water treatment solutions, we are on the right path and the future of water treatment looks better and cleaner than ever.