• 25-year limited warranty
  • Solid-state system control
  • Hague patented control valve
  • Hague patented tank design
  • Built-in 20 micron whole-house filter
  • Customizable multi compartment tank
  • Directional flow screens
  • Built-in bypass with test port
  • Bacteriostatically-protected resin bed
  • Power failure protection
  • Capacity guard
  • Absolute brining feature
  • Safety shut-off
  • Fill pug
  • Watermax brochure

WaterMax® is the world’s most efficient water treatment system, with 9 U.S. Patents awarded.

The WaterMax design features a multi-compartment media tank which offers more resin capacity and has a flexible media configuration. It is a very efficient design which stops water channelling so all the resin is used.

There are three compartments in the system design:

ULTRA-FIL/CHLOROSTAT – treats dirt, sediment, hardness and iron, and is a self-cleaning filter. It is used to reduce the odour and the taste of chlorine in the water. It also prolongs the life of the resin bed, so it does not need a replacement filter or maintenance.

ULTRA-CLEAR – is a filter which provides carbon filtration and eliminates the taste of organic matter, chlorine and odours.

ULTRA-SOFT – uses vacuum packed, high-capacity fine mesh resin to provide maximum softening and contains the Bacteriostat – a self-cleaning filter which prevents bacteria growth in the resin bed.

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